How to download smule recorded collabs audio and video

Smule is an online music-making application where plenty of users are joined to sing the songs with their own artist as well as users can sing collaboration with own partners also with public. You are free to sing with anyone if collab is available. You can freely sing any of your favourite song in smule or you can make a Collab with them.

Download Smule recorded songs for free

as we know you can sing freely in smule but smule app won't let your download your own recorded song or collab from the App. It is video or audio you can't save in your phone because there is no option. There are so many apps available in google play store as 'Smule Downloader' but today i am going to to share you easiest way to download your recorded audio or video from smule app. have a look on this simple tutorial to save or download your recorded song in Smule.

How to download smule recorded song

This tutorial is based on how to download smule recorded collab in audio or video. This method works to download smule recorded videos or any recorded mp3 audio right in your phone with this simple way. You don't need to download any other app for this just a website will help you to download. so , let's have a looknon this unique tutorial.

Step 1 : Copy Link

First in this step you must choose which song you want to download as audio or video. Open your smule app and choose any recorded collab from the your download link and click on that which you want to download. after that click on Share and copy the link.

Step 2 : Goto Downloader

After you copied the link from step 1. Click on the link below and you will get in the download area in another websites.

Step 3 : Paste Your Link

Now paste the copied link from step 1 in the box area and click on Fetch the data for this songbutton and it will give you link to download. If your collab is video it will give you to download video if is is audio only it give you download to Audio only.

Step 4 : Click to Download

Now, you link is ready scroll download and simply click on the Download Audioand you will get prompt that where to save your downloads.

Step 5 : Save Your Files

you are ready now download your audio in your phone and start listening in office mode or it is video then you can start watching offline after successful Downloads.

This is very quick way to download your smule performance for free without any apps. Do the same steps all the time when you want to download your smule recorded collabs audio, video for free. Methinks, you understand all the steps if there is still confusion on your mind you can leave your valuable reply below in comment section.

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