Top 10 photo editing for IOS and Android

If you're eager to try photo editing on your mobile device, you're probably thinking about a few apps that are best for the job. There are many great choices out there, but some stand above the rest. We've compiled our top 10 picks for editing photos on Android and iOS. And if you need help deciding between them, we've got an in-depth guide to help narrow down your options!

If you don't own the PC for photo editing, cheers you can edit your photo like a pro in both version IOS and Android.
Here are the top 10 photo editing apps mentioned below.

Top 10 IOS and Android photo editing apps in 2022

There are plenty of photo editing apps available in the App store or Google Play store, but we have listed the best of them as top 10 photo editing apps.


VSCO is a photo editing app that provides users with a wide range of filters, tools and presets.
The app has been around since 2012 and it's still one of the best apps available today.

VSCO offers users access to a large number of filters (over 1,000) as well as tools like crop and rotate functions. You can also choose from one of over 2 million presets or create your own using VSCO's custom settings tool.

The best part about this app is that it's free! You don't have to pay anything extra just because you want to use all those amazing features; everything comes at no cost!

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is a popular photo editing app that has been around for years, and it's one of the most powerful choices for beginners looking to get started with photo editing on their phones.

It's free, which makes it an easy way to try out this kind of work before investing in something more expensive like Photoshop or other professional software.

With Snapseed you can do everything from crop photos, adjust colors and contrast levels, add stickers and filters (like vignetting or soft focus), remove red-eye from portraits—and even make animated GIFs!

Snapseed also has some great tools for learning how to use basic photo editing tools: there's a tutorial section in which users can learn about things like color balance or exposure compensation; There are also tutorials on specific features like adjusting saturation levels within an image (which will help improve overall contrast between colors) or using masks to selectively apply effects only within certain areas of an image (like selective noise reduction).

3. Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC is a photo editing app that allows you to edit, organize, and share your images.
It also includes a library of presets for photographers who want to get started quickly.

Lightroom CC is a subscription based service that costs $9.99/month or $119.99/year.

4. Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions is a photo editing app that allows you to create interesting effects.
You can use the app to add filters, adjust the exposure and contrast of your photos, and add motion blur.

This app is great for anyone looking for new ways of manipulating their images in an easy-to-use interface.


TouchRetouch is a free photo-editing app that lets you easily change the background, remove blemishes and unwanted objects from your photos.
It also offers some simple tools for adding artistic effects like blur or vignette. The app works best when paired with another app like Snapseed or VSCO Cam so that you can select from a wide range of filters in order to achieve the look you want.

If you're looking for something more hands-on than just touching up on minor details like skin tone, this is perfect!

6. Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox is a photo editing app for iOS. It has a wide range of features for editing photos, such as crop and rotate tools, filters, text overlays and more.

The app also includes advanced editing tools like a color picker and advanced cropping options (including square or rectangle). You can apply several different types of effects to your images as well as levels adjustment or contrast adjustment. This application will help you create amazing images in no time!

7. Mixtures 

Mextures is a photo editing app that allows you to create unique and interesting effects. It has a large selection of filters, which can be used together or separately. You can also adjust the intensity of your effect by adjusting its opacity level.

This app is available for iOS and Android devices, so everyone with an iPhone or Android phone can take advantage of it! The free version lets you save up to 5 photos at once before having them automatically deleted after 30 days have passed; however, if you want unlimited storage space on your device (or just want more than five saved images), then purchasing one of their premium plans will cost $2 per month or $20 per year depending on whether they offer annual subscriptions instead of monthly ones. ..

8. Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix is ​​a photo editing app for the iPhone and iPad.
It's free to download, but you can purchase additional features in-app.

You'll find that this app has many of the same features as other similar apps, including:

Add filters (like Sepia Tone) or adjust brightness and contrast.

Remove blemishes with its Spot Healing tool.

Add text with the Text tool—just type your message into the box below where it says "Add Your Name!"

9. A Color Story

A Color Story is a photo editing app that offers a variety of filters and effects, including ones to help you watermark your photos.
It's easy to use and has a wide selection of filters, which can be easily added or removed from images.

A Color Story is available on iOS and Android devices alike.

10. Polarr Photo Editor Pro

Polarr Photo Editor Pro is a mobile photo editor that can be used to improve your photos, add filters and much more.
The app has a free trial period, after which you'll need to purchase it. It offers two versions: Free and Premium (a monthly fee).

In our review of Polarr Photo Editor Pro we found that the app was very easy to use with lots of helpful features such as crop mode and advanced editing tools like exposure control and noise reduction. You can also apply presets or create your own custom ones by choosing from preset categories like vintage, black & white or grunge effects etc.. You can also adjust contrast levels between light & dark areas as well as highlight colors using different tools such as selective focus/screen brightness adjustment tool which allows users control over their photos' backgrounds without affecting any other parts so there's no need for manual adjustments anymore!

11. Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 is a photo editing app for iOS and Android.
It has a ton of filters and effects, so you can easily transform your photos into something unique. Afterlight 2 also includes some basic tools like crop, rotate and share options.

The app is free but has in-app purchases for premium content such as overlays or frames that are available to purchase with real money (the developer does not disclose how much these items cost).

12. TouchColor

TouchColor is an app that allows you to create and share beautiful art with your friends. It has over 100 filters and effects, a built in camera, and a simple user interface. You can use TouchColor to create art, add text, or just change the color of an image.

TouchColor offers many different types of filters:

  1. Border - adds a border around your image
  2. Darken - darkens parts of an image so they appear more prominent (like blacking out) or lightening them (making them brighter)
  3. Focus - removes any blur from photos by using contrast between two areas on the photo that don't have much contrast like water drops falling into oceans

# Perfectly Clear Complete Gen2

Perfectly Clear Complete Gen2 is a photo editing app that is available for both Android and iOS. It has a lot of features, including auto correction, noise reduction, color enhancements and more. The app is not free but it's affordable if you want to try out some of its features first before purchasing the full version (which costs $1).

# SKRWT Camera Lens Corrector and Perspective Editor for ISO and Android

This app is a free Android tool that allows you to correct perspective in photos. It's easy to use, and you can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This is a great option if you want to edit your photos without having to pay for an editing program that may not be as great at what it does.

There are many photo editing apps that are easily accessible to beginners and advanced photographers alike. It is important to be able to edit photos on the go, because it can help you create professional looking photos.

There are many photo editing apps that are easily accessible to beginners and advanced photographers alike. It is important to be able to edit photos on the go, because it can help you create professional looking photos

We've covered the best photo editing apps for both iOS and Android. From simple to complex, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes time to edit your images. Whether you want filters or precise controls over every detail of your image, these tools will help add polish without compromising on quality.

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