How to buy data and voice packs with Esewa

Esewa is a popular online platform for selling data packs and voice packs. It is the most trusted digital marketplace in Nepal with over 10 million customers. The Esewa Nepal app allows you to buy and sell every kind of product with ease, making it easier than ever to purchase anything you want. You can use your debit or credit card to pay for any item on Esewa Nepal.

Esewa is being used for different purposes to perform online transactions but It is also providing the serive to buy data or voice packs in Nepal directly within the App. 

How to buy data and voice packs with Esewa in Nepal ?

If you own the Esewa wallet in your mobile and have some balance in it then you don't need to go the shop for buying recharges because Esewa directly providing the recharge or buying data or voice packs service within the App. Let's how this action can be performed.

1. Open the Esewa app.

If you have already downloaded the Esewa app directly open it, In case you haven't downloaded it. Download it from the link below. 

Download Esewa Now 

Once you have downloaded the app, open it and go to the menu. You can choose the option whether you login or signup.

2. Login 

If you want to login then you will be prompted for your username and password for an account with Esewa.

You can use your mobile number as username and you can login with using your 4 digits pin number that you set in the signup process. Then click on login to access features.

==> If you logged in successfully , look for the various of serives just click on "Topup".

==> Then next page will open and you have to enter your mobile number where you want to buy data or voice packs with Esewa.

==> Scroll down and you will see the data pack option where you can see both service providers name Ncell and Nepal Telecom.

==> After that you can see the popular data packs and voice packs which can be purchased with Esewa balance. Select your preferred packs and click on  Buy .

==> As long as you click on buy option you will be redirected to the new page , If it asks for the mobile number put the number and click on  proceed.

==> You will get confirmation page and you have to click on  confirm. to complete the operation. 

Note : before you confirm you must check the details of your number and data or voice package.

Now, You will get the message regarding you have successfully bought the data or voice packs with Esewa.

It is easy to buy data packs and voice packs with Esewa Nepal. You can buy data packs and voice packs from Ncell, NTC, other telecom companies. You can also buy any amount of money in your budget to pay for the data pack or voice pack you want.

The Esewa app is a great way to buy data packs and voice packs in Nepal. It is easy and convenient. I would recommend this app for all those who are looking for an alternative to buying data packs or voice packs from their mobile service providers.

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