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Buddhalimbu (Buddha Limbu) is a tech enthusiastic guy. Who love programming and tech related stuffs. He has Good knowledge of blogger theme development as well as he is also a front-end web developer. Apart from this he has addictional knowledge of Graphics Designing. This website buddhalimbu.com.np where he shares the tech related content and programming solutitons and tips based on front-end.

Apart form this buddhalimbu.com.np is a form and all about the technology that we here you can get lastest updates about technology and other stuffs such as "how-to" tutorials, "security tips", "blogging and seo" , latest tech updates and news and many more. Apart this we share about download and other information about tech. Apart frim this, we share latest lyrics, medias news, and manymore that really matters you.

In brief , we all a hub for technology , media, lyrics, news an many more. We are always be sharing the outstanding information and stuff with all, mainly buddhalimbu.com.np is all about tech though, sharing other stuff like lyrics, news and gadget are the part of buddhalimbu.com.np.

We are friendly tech geeks and we love to share tech related stuffs here. Our main goal to provide users the most best tech tutorials, tips and other stuffs such as security tips for free, we have been providing best blogger templates for free in the website,you can be stay in touch with us for more.
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