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Due to a payment-related issue, the payment options are currently disabled. Read more below.

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Other international payment methods are not presently allowed by us, but you can use the direct chat connection to the developer to purchase the item directly.

How to make payment and buy the template from us ?

As we don't have any pay-and-buy features, we have included some payment information below. You can use this information to choose the best payment option for you, write us an email, or talk with us directly on Facebook.

  • Make payment to the any one of following payment option
  • Take screenshot of your payment
  • Send it us to mentioning for which template you made a payment and chat us directly on facebook or whatsapp
  • Facebook - Facebook, Whatsapp - +9779813592947
  • We will contact you asap or send you a theme you bought.

Clients can pay for the template they want from us using E-sewa or a mobile top-up. You can transfer funds to the E-sewa account if you are a Nepali.


Name : Buddha Raj Sanba Limbu

Esewa ID : +9779817988984

Email : bsanbalimbu@gmail.com


Give the mobile topup to the following mobile numbers any of one and send it to us.

+9779817988984 - NCELL

+9779867573294 - NTC

Hence, you can use any of the aforementioned options to make a payment. Skrill and other payment options will be added shortly. For those payment options, you can engage in live chat with us.

As of right now, we have sold more than 50 blogger templates to customers worldwide, including those from Pakistan, India, and Israel. In the future, we'll keep adding new template options. I'm grateful.

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